What Really Matters? By Zen Gardner





by Zen Gardner

It’s amazing how the big questions in life are pushed to the end of the line. Sure everyone wonders about the “big stuff” on and off, but their lives are too preoccupied with other issues that they’ve been told are more pressing and important – when it’s nothing of the sort.

This applies directly to the on-going awakening and how to put our best foot forward in times like these. How best can we be used to effect change? What is the most productive and effective course of action in our personal lives?

With everything at stake at this crucial juncture in history these questions become profoundly important. And the answers just may surprise each of us.

The Preparation

I can guarantee that any real truth seeker is facing a lot of personal challenges at this time. It may be health issues, relationship challenges and perhaps changes, or finding a sound spiritual orientation in these rapidly shifting vibrations. A lot is going on, and this is as it should be.

We’re being honed and prepared for what lay ahead of us.

If our hearts are confused, anxious, distracted or over-burdened we won’t be much good to anyone. We may even be carrying baggage unknown to us that Universe is peeling away to free us for our next challenges. These can often be ingrained psychic and subconscious memes that keep playing out in our daily lives and reactions unbeknownst to us that are holding us back.

We may even be subjecting ourselves to triggers that bring on these attached, reactive behaviors while thinking these are necessary or even foundational influences in our lives. These are not easy to face up to, especially when it touches on things we consider dearest to us, but if we’re to keep progressing in truly conscious awakening face them we must.

It only stands to reason then that these have to be sorted out first if we’re to be the true warriors we are meant to be.

But it’s not easy.

First Things First

Anyone who has awakened has had this same fundamental experience: Everything began anew. Once we see the true bigger picture of who we are and what we’re here for, everything gets reset and we start on a brand new path in life.

However, we tend to emphasize part 2 of the above statement and look quickly for our role here and what we can do about this ugly matrix trying to control and close in on us. That’s very important, but we can’t short circuit part 1 too quickly. Who are we? This naturally continues to come up as we progress through the maze of rabbit holes and broaden our perspectives. The discovery and changes just occur, as long as we keep yielding to them and making the necessary breaks with our past programming.

But the personal challenges and realizations will get deeper and deeper, and they come with a price. It’s the same one every time – letting go – sometimes even of our most cherished beliefs or personal attachments. It can be quite painful, but it’s designed for our good, as well as the good of others whom we’ll be freer to help and influence with a truly clear signal.


Girl on swing at sunset


The Inner Child

I’ve found for myself, with the help of very loving friends with whom I could open up, that issues that have been holding me back without my even knowing it have a lot to do with primal character traits that were formed since childhood. I’m intensely aware of so many aspects of this whole realm of study in personal attributes, societal influences and our spiritual path, but seeing these things in oneself can come as a real shock.

These realizations can come at a very dear price, but it’s a price worth paying. It’s obviously different for everyone, but if we don’t see in ourselves our reactive mechanisms that still need healing then we’re going to run into problems. Attributes like deep seated insecurity stemming from years of emotional suppression, neglect and feelings of abandonment develop very strong reactive defense and sublimated cover-up mechanisms that we accept as natural or “normal” when they aren’t in the least.

Most everyone raised in this world has been terribly abused at some point or other. The very nature of child and adolescent rearing in this callous world seriously wounds our spirits and forms habitual responses that can only be healed when we embrace that inner child and let it know it’s OK to experience and express that trauma as we truly face ourselves.

That’s when the chains fall off and the deep empowerment begins.

A Time to Draw Together

I’m no psychologist but human nature I know because I am human, and we all have profound commonalities both in this 3-D dimension and in the collective consciousness. We’re interwoven, which is why the matrix of deceit endeavors so hard to break up our honest and heartfelt communing with each other in every way possible, even pitting us against each other, when our closeness and shared experience is our very strength.

But we can only come together after we come apart from the old, including our old selves. We have to first get free of our previous mindsets, habits, emotional baggage and whatever is in the way or holding us back, whether we realize it fully or not. From there we’ll see more clearly, our motives will be more pure, and we’ll be much more effective in everything we say and do.

The price is everything, but the rewards and results are beyond comprehension. Those can be pretty difficult to see when you’re passing through the “valley of death” of the old but they will appear. You’ll get hints along the way. And the more readily we let go in full confidence that Universe is right there with us and that the experience is not a “bad” one or “wrong” at some level the easier it gets.

But it can be quite painful.

In True Unity There Is Strength

As the world turns darker people are naturally drawing closer to each other. No matter how much they fully grasp what’s going on in the world, people tend to pull together in small more tightly knit groups with those they love and trust.

This is a drawing for strength and support, which we all need, and now more than ever.

For the awakened this can be more challenging to fulfill. Most of us are scattered about and connected via the internet where we can find others with the same understanding and perspective. That’s our true family and fully drawing together may not be that easy.

Communities are forming across the world. We are finding each other and many of us have been developing wonderful relationships with others with whom we resonate. Now is the time to further cultivate those relationships and perhaps make some hard decisions to prepare for what’s ahead.

This does not preclude ongoing activism of every sort, in fact we need that more than ever, but most everyone can feel the shift has stepped up and is earnestly moving us in new and very challenging ways.




Letting Go

I’m reminded of the famous monkey trap analogy, where a box is baited with a treat with only enough room for the monkey’s hand to get into it. Once he grabs the treat he supposedly won’t let go of it and is not able to pull his hand out of the box.

Trapped by his own holding on.

We all do this. The point here is a tremendous change is taking place on many levels. The vibrational shift affects everything at every level and requires adaptation, movement and innovation, even if only on a spiritual level. But the key to freedom and being and expressing our true selves is letting go, detachment.

Therein lies our primary challenge. Will we be a landscape of willfully trapped monkeys not willing to let go of whatever it may be that we think we need, are attached to or stubbornly holding on to? Or will we be a liberated army of fully free warriors ready to do battle in this last ditch fight for planet earth?

It’s up to each of us to decide.

As for me, I paid admission to this a long time ago and have no intention of stopping short for any reason or cherished or coveted idea or attachment. It’s all or nothing. And that’s freedom, which only breeds more freedom, empowerment and alignment with Universe.

Onward. There’s really nothing to lose. Our need for attachments is illusory and what’s holding on to them needs to simply let go. It will probably be quite painful, but it will subside. Just don’t hurry out of the experience, that’s where the real learning takes place.

Draw close to loved ones during this time, but keep your pursuit hot and determination kindled.

Love always, Zen


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The Ultimate Distraction


Elva Thompson
Contributor, ZenGardner.com

“There is nothing worse for the lying soul than the mirror of reality.” Steve Maraboli, Unapologetically You: reflections on life and the Human Experience

Encyclopedia Britannica defines distraction as: something that makes it difficult to think or pay attention.
Something that amuses or entertains you so that you do not think about problems, work, etc.
A state in which you are very annoyed or upset.


Distraction…it’s everywhere in our materialistic culture. It shouts at us through friends and relatives, cell phones, TV, computers, facebook, twitter, comment sections, politics, fake news and the entertainment or should I say, the distraction industry. We live in constant fear of a dozen kinds of holocausts; climate change, solar shot, methane, pole shift, ice age, pollution, nuclear war, terrorism, disease, poverty, poisonous food and water. The list of nebulous terrors waiting to engulf us is endless and many spend their lives distracting themselves to cover up there fear and apprehension of what might lie ahead.

There is so much information, disinformation and distraction in the media and our every day lives, it’s enough to make our heads spin…and spin they do. It’s no wonder we live in a state of confusion/distraction and information overload.

The busy mind

The mind of Impostor Consciousness [see my article] cannot be quiet and has to be constantly distracted. It has no inner being, cannot observe itself, and can only live through our emotions: our loves, intrigues and entanglements, our disappointments, fear and woes. It is a shell of desire, and when not tempered with spiritual understanding creates conflict within and without, for physical reality is nothing more than a mirror of human thinking.

Many people are busy prisoners of their beliefs, and often try to force their dogma on others. They are blinkered and blinded by the narrow spectrum of awareness about what is true or false, and many question nothing, they just accept what is dictated to them by their peers and absorb the lies as if they were the truth. The idea that we have been hoodwinked by deceptive information and blatant lies from ‘those in charge’ is often met with dismay and denial by our frail ego’s. Many of us can’t accept the challenge of information contrary to our programming and are quick to jump on the bandwagon of scorn and ridicule. In our self conceit, we can’t be bothered to be our own investigators, find out for ourselves whether the dogma we carry is true or even belongs to us! We allow our minds to be invaded and distracted with other people’s theories and conjecture, and if we can make it fit our beliefs we tend to look no further. We don’t realise that our minds no longer belong to us, and that from the cradle to the grave, we are sleeping slaves of a matrix of control.

The distraction of intellectual bullshit

Intellectual bullshit is a billion dollar industry; a self important salve for the busy mind that cannot face itself. Billions of dollars are wasted in re-hashing outdated paradigms and tweaking the results to keep the boat of bullshit steady, and when the truth is presented, it’s immediately dismissed by the experts because they all want to stay at number one in their respective fields. One example of this intellectual blindness is genetic modification.

The distraction of playing god

The materialistic mind of Impostor Consciousness believes in a mechanical reality where everything can be reduced to numbers and equations, but lacks the intuitive capabilities and spiritual understanding exemplified by Pythagoras and Plato. Most ‘accepted’ scientists and experts are blind to the fact that there is an underlying energetic connection between every organism on the planet.They do not realise that any interference with the ‘original blueprint’ of an animal or plant will cause stress and energetic discord within the vibratory pattern of the whole.

Genetic modification

“Human kind has not woven the web of life. We are but one thread in it. Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves. All things are bound together. All things connect.”  Chief Seattle.

Our reality is dual and the Law of Nature is predator and prey, and just as lions pick off the sick and weak, so do the bugs. A sick plant like a sick person attracts the undertaker. Any organism giving off a negative field will attract a predator to destroy it.

Nature’s undertakers

Genetically modified crops give off bad vibes, and the reason they are failing worldwide is because they no longer resonate in harmony with the natural world, the resonant web of life…and how does nature deal with them…she destroys them. It doesn’t matter how much poison is sprayed to control pests whether they be insect or viral, they dance to a different drummer. In line with the matrix programme and the Cosmic Law of Balance, it is frequency that calls the tune.

So called pests are nature’s undertakers and they have a job to do. If crops give off a sick energetic field they will be called upon by the matrix to destroy them no matter what we do. Poisoned insects transmit information about the toxins to their eggs and the next wave is immune, we call them super pests. And so it goes on: the pesticides become stronger and the super pests mutate into super super pests.

The upshot is that the intellectual bullshit of so called experts will lead to mass starvation.

The ultimate distraction

Impostor Consciousness and its reality is the ultimate distraction. It is the love affair with the ego self that wants to be king or queen of whatever jungle; to be a winner, to be on top in the world of glamour, sensation and self gratification. And, the third dimension is its geometric fractal backdrop for self congratulatory consciousness and the sensory driven game of ‘us and them.’

Mindset of the game

This materialistic mindset of ‘me versus you’ and ‘us versus them’ has soaked every inch of grass on this planet in the blood of mankind. Age after age its the same bloody story of conquest and greed, and the harvesting of human emotion takes place on every level of our being. It’s called the Loosh Rote.[see my article Meet the Firm]

For more information on the sacrificial nature of our reality:

The who dunnit distraction

There are all kinds of theories [and they are just that] about what has created the sacrificial dual world of which we are part; we want to know who the villain is, the creator of the human farm, and there are many faerie tales to fill in all the details, and vast amounts of money made printing bullshit to further distract our minds. Does it matter who built the fractal geometric matrix? Does it matter who or what enslaved mankind and chained us in a narrow band of frequency, a prison for the mind? Whether it be an archon; a reptilian frequency pattern; a parasite that changes our reality to fit its needs; it really doesn’t matter.

A being of frequency

What does matter is the fact that the architect of the matrix, the bane of mankind and all living things is a being of frequency, it has an energetic signature…the signature of the matrix. And, as long as we resonate within the parameters of its energy we are caught like flies in a spiders web where every negative thought and deed is calculated in the balance sheet of karma and drags us back life after life into the matrix reality of predator and prey.

Who needs prison bars when we exist in a self determined electronic prison!

The other side of the coin and the quiet mind

‘My young men shall never work. Men who work cannot dream, and wisdom comes in dreams.’ Smohalla.

Holographic reality

Quantum physics has proven that energetic fields create our ‘solid world’ and suggests that we live inside a computor simulated virtual reality, a synthetic world of fractal geometry, that because of our body sensors and mental conditioning, we think is real…solid matter, and for the intent and purpose of the game of ‘us and them’, it is. We are a physical being in a physical world and many of us are so absorbed in the ‘real life’ we have no idea about our secret energetic reality. We are so busy with the fast game of work, family, the matrix game of opposites, and the drama of existence that engulfs us everyday, that for many, spiritual reality does not exist. We have lost contact with our inner being and have no time for the quiet mind, no space to hear the small voice of our souls.

The reset

We soon will enter the final year of the reset: Dec 21 2012 to Dec 21 2016 and everything, including our survival as a species is up for grabs. The devil dogs of war are barking at our feet; electromagnetic smog tries to block our evolution, our food and water is being poisoned and distraction beckons from every door.

The owners of the farm will do anything to stop the ascension timeline engulfing and uplifting humanity, and they are adepts of deceit. They have cast the spell of divide et impere for generations, the game of distraction: ‘me versus you’ and ‘us versus them’.

Evolution of the life waves

We have a unique opportunity to leave the fake world of the matrix, and this opportunity occurs once in twenty six thousand years. It’s called the evolution of the life waves and it is happening Now. This is the shift in conscious awareness we are witnessing, but it needs us, the input of the quiet focussed mind to add to the power of awakening.

We are in the last thirteen months of the reset when the electro magnetic blocking system of our multi dimensional consciousness is at its weakest, and we need to take advantage of it.

The tool kit

Ascending the vibration of this violent and contradictory world is about frequency…not ego; getting for self; or holding onto the anchor weight of dogma and one’s self importance. It is about liberation of the mind; shaking free from the Impostor Consciousness of materialism and exploitation, and re-connecting to the planet and its creatures.

For those who are interested in speeding up the vibratory rate of their consciousness there are several tools that help.

Flesh free diet…live and let live

Vegetarianism versus carnivorism is another playing field for the battle of ‘me versus you’ and many ‘spiritual’ people will defend their right to eat the dead flesh of animals and think they are still spiritual.[now there’s a distraction for you] What they don’t realise is that the flesh of murdered animals contain fear fields, a slow and poisonous vibration that is an anchor weight and death knell for ascending consciousness. There can be no ascension into higher moving fields of energy for a ghoul.

Sonic re-patterning

Birth into this reality is in itself a trauma and the attack on our divine nature never stops until the ‘box beckons’. Is it possible to re-pattern the trauma of the past, neutralise the energy of our pain? The answer is yes. Sonic re-patterning of the chakra fields using Pythagorean intervals is a great tool to lighten our energetic load, clear our minds of fear and the noise of distraction. See my article Symphony of Self.

Profiling of the Atlas bone

The atlas is the first cervical vertebra, and is named after the mythological giant who carries the world on his shoulders. Many people have the atlas bone in a position of malrotation with a tilt to the left. This can be atlasbe rectified by the profiling of the atlas bone. www.atlasprofilax.com

atlas-150x150This picture shows a misaligned Atlas to the left side. The rotation causes a reduction in the diameter of the aperture at the base of the skull and vertebral canal. This disrupts the normal flow of information between the brain and body through the vertebral and carotid arteries, and the lymphatic system, the cerebrospinal fluid, the meningeal system and the spinal cord.



Get your head on straight!

Tai Chi, meditation,yoga and martial arts

Yoga and martial arts help tone our bodies and discipline our minds.

Sun gazing

Entrainment by the sun allows us to shut off the internal chatter of our ego and experience the quiet mind. See my article The Occult Sun.

These tools help to give greater clarity to our thinking, speed up our rate of vibration and bring us into harmony with all life on the planet.

The choice is ours….

“Come to the edge of the cliff,” he said.

“No! We are afraid,” the children answered.

“Come to the edge of the cliff,” he said again.

They came. He pushed them and they flew.

Who is he?

Our divine core… the living truth of Love.

Free your mind from the matrix: Divide et impera: the game of ‘us and them.’

Join the fourth dimensional rebellion. Begin the journey. The ‘Key made of Air’ is the first step on the path of mystical understanding.

Self Distraction by Saqib Hussain

Distractions are so many
And when they seem to decrease
We constantly search for more
As if trying to shut out
That persistent guiding voice
Sounding from our truest core
And to describe this further
Please think of the following
Useful metaphor:The sound of raindrops on your window –
The brief, intermittent, short pauses between them
Are the brief pauses of thought you sometimes have
Of your deepening loss and struggling way
Before you so quickly flood your mind with other thoughts
And keep busy with other, less important
(What is more important than saving the soul?) Thoughts and actions.
Constant self-distraction
Is constant self-delusion
And constant self-harm.

Taken from Saqib Hussain’s book “Contemplate” available for free here

More Here>>



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Changing in Times of Accelerating Change – Zen Gardner | Interview


Defying the Control System

There’s really no reason not to disengage from the matrix. Just begin in stages. Those imaginary handcuffs of the mind are weaker than cooked spaghetti. It’s the habitual fear programming that keeps people from doing the obvious. That’s the design, to paralyze humanity.

The awakening cannot be thwarted, but individuals can be seriously hindered, mostly by living in virtual denial. We can’t say we understand what’s going on and not respond to the call to help change things, beginning with ourselves.

More often than not ours is to simply defy the system programming…disobey, disconnect and disengage from anything they throw at us.

The rest will follow.

And don’t worry, change will continue to happen no matter what. Remember, you are the conscious observer, not the reactive self.

Stay free.


No man ever steps in the same river twice. For it is not the same river, and it is not the same man. There is nothing permanent except change. – Heraclitus

by Zen Gardner


It seems things change more than we think – way more and in more ways. Even when we’re aware of the underlying reality of constant change, we reference new changes by our memory and perception of old changes. And those were based on previous reference points.

We seem to be judging change by points of previous attachment, even though they continually shift. That cannot be very accurate. Nor fully conscious.

While assessing a particular situation, as my mind wandered backward to find context, I was surprised to realize how strongly and easily I was able to reference my previous “points of view”. It jolted me knowing I’m not that person any more yet it was so very available in my consciousness. But that’s how the mind is wired. A lot of information is stored there awaiting activation depending on our perspective and awareness. Hence we often have to wade through a mire of influences whether we want to or not.


The Subtle Reflex

Everything’s shifting. And in shifting ways, in a shifting perception of change. I realized what I was comparing to was a sort of emotional imprint. I was looking back to different periods of time in my life in comparison to what I’m going through now, consciously conjuring up old impressions in contrast to a current experience.

I found myself doing this for whatever reason. Understanding, nostalgia, encouragement, comparison. There’s so much that flows through our minds as we seek meaning and definition.

But that really struck me. I realized how I frequently use old imprints to gauge comparative changes. Not necessarily bad in itself as there’s no doubt something to learn from experience, but I shouldn’t compare to times in my life when I was relatively unconscious. There is virtually no basis in comparative reality there once I’ve woken up to true conscious awareness.

More importantly, these current vibrational changes we’re experiencing are completely new, as am I. Recalling old imprints can subtly reinforce  my attachment to them. Looking in relation to an old perceived set point will only let me see so far. It’s almost beyond comparing apples to oranges when it comes to perception shifts. They just don’t compare, even dimensionally.

Another analogy might be a rock climber who won’t fully let go of his gear attached to the lower rungs he made in his ascent. He’ll only get so far. As you go higher your perspective shifts phenomenally, but he won’t get to those really inspiring views if he won’t let go of those lower footholds that got him started.

These memory reference points are psychically embedded in emotions and memory clusters. It’s very similar to the crystalline knots a massage therapist works out of muscle tissue that then have to be flushed from the system.

Memory can be an anchor as well as a guide.


Letting Go in a Shifting Reality

It’s all good if we let this shifting reality pass and we have solid anchors in conscious awareness. However a lot of people are fighting these very present and persistent changes, consciously and subconsciously. We’ve known these major shifts in not just our perception but the dystopian world around us would be hitting, but as we get further into it our minds tend to get fixated on the dark details and less on maintaining our conscious awareness.

That’s when blinding reactive mechanisms start to kick in.

It also manifests as confusion. When life seems to be in disarray and we’re put on the defensive, which is a major tactic for human control, left brained fear and survival modes start to take control. That’s why it’s important to remember what we knew in the light when the times of darkness fall. It’s also why we should act in the light while we can still see clearly.

To delay is as good as to deny.

What conscious behavior inevitably calls for is a lifestyle shift. That’s what grabs stubborn souls by the throat. If someone doesn’t budge and they keep refusing to acknowledge the evident Truths around them and yield to those arising Truths by consciously making the needed changes in their lives, it can be pretty tough. And it will only get tougher. These changes include continually disengaging from the system, letting go of unfruitful and hindering relationships, adopting a healthier lifestyle both physically and mentally, and preparing spiritually and practically for the increasing economic and social storms coming our way.

Defying the Control System

There’s really no reason not to disengage from the matrix. Just begin in stages. Those imaginary handcuffs of the mind are weaker than cooked spaghetti. It’s the habitual fear programming that keeps people from doing the obvious. That’s the design, to paralyze humanity.

The awakening cannot be thwarted, but individuals can be seriously hindered, mostly by living in virtual denial. We can’t say we understand what’s going on and not respond to the call to help change things, beginning with ourselves.

More often than not ours is to simply defy the system programming…disobey, disconnect and disengage from anything they throw at us.

The rest will follow.

And don’t worry, change will continue to happen no matter what. Remember, you are the conscious observer, not the reactive self.

Stay free.

Much love, Zen


Changing in Times of Accelerating Change – Zen Gardner:


  Interview- The Time to Awaken Is Now – Zen on Sage of Quay Radio – Zen Gardner:

Allowing the Vibrational Change – Zen Gardner


Allowing the Vibrational Change – Zen Gardner:




by Zen Gardner

Many of the symptoms we’re witnessing amongst those around us can be explained in terms of the vibrational change we’re undergoing.  The shift is on, and people are responding by either welcoming or resisting it at all kinds of levels. It’s quite a fascinating phenomenon to behold, as well as a bit disturbing as people who don’t get it lash out at whatever influence they perceive is the culprit for their disorientation.

Fascinating stuff, but intrinsically important to what’s happening here at the surface level.

Most importantly is the personal level of this transformation that’s happening whether people want to acknowledge it or not. Fighting the structural degradation of old paradigms is always a messy affair, with seeming little to support our old viewpoints, except desperate grabbing on to old thought patterns and resultant behaviors which have shaped our lives. Such is the death of the old.

The overwhelmingly empowering aspect of what humanity is experiencing is the complete liberation from decrepit control systems into a world longing for exploration and enjoyment that brings with it realms of transformation we never dreamed of.

The Rhythm of Change

Whether humanity likes it, believes it, or is ready or not, the change is happening. It’s as unstoppable as the music of the spheres, as identified by the great philosopher and geomantic mathematician Pythagoras. This wondrous discovery of the decipherable fundamental rhythmic patterns of creation at every level has profound implications that permeate every level of our existence.

Vibrational frequency affects everything. This has been demonstrated using not just sound on water, sand and metal filings where fabulous geometric patterns are formed which change as the frequency is altered, but it also happens with the application of thought, emotions and intention as demonstrated by the late great Masaru Emoto.

The earth resonates with what is called the Schumann resonance frequency, first calculated at 7.83 hertz. And now it is literally changing, and moving into a higher frequency. And that’s just one measuring stick. What else is changing around us and within us? What marvelous new patterns are our basic structures morphing into as this vibrational change continues to unfold?

Nothing to the skeptic, but something wonderful to the experiencer.


Step Out of the Theater

While the world’s attention is transfixed on matrix movie reruns in the theater of life, the entire theater is moving and changing, as is the the world around it. When people finally get up out of their seats and go outside, boy are they in for a shock. It isn’t the same place they entered from, and even then it will continue to change. People looking at the televised reruns and the entranced audience for evidence of this change will never see it. Besides, much of the nature of vibrational change is intuitive, but the evidence is there. Like the changing of the seasons it takes time and is a gradual process but spring always follows winter even when it appears winter just won’t quit.

It reminds me how some people can’t even see the chemtrails. Or think there’s no rhyme or reason to the obvious coordination of world events and the bogus money system. In their minds it’s always been that way and there is no possible alternative. It’s the same with the royalty scam or the rich riding on the backs of the poor. Only this is way more profound than these surface manifestations of the old control system. But until you’ve experienced this vibrational awakening it won’t be in your reality.

Or so you think.

This is the big one, the very vibrational nature of the entire world we live in, from our DNA to the music of the planets in our solar system, the transformation is under way. What it will entail geologically, geopolitically and personally remains to be fully seen, but transform we will, like it or not.

Letting Go

This might seem esoteric to some but it’s as real as the nose on our faces. The shift is on, vibrationally and therefore emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically. Hence the confused reaction on so many planes. The big drawback to lower level thinking is that we interpret changes by old worn-out channels of thought and understanding.

Fundamentally speaking, never the two worlds shall meet.

They can’t. They’re completely different paradigms. And even the next paradigm will meet dissolution as we continue on the journey. We learn by changing, which begins with a willingness to explore and thus change evolves. It couldn’t be simpler in many ways, but letting go into new realms has been conditioned against, violently. The constructs of society, especially in this highly engineered age of technofascism, are relentless in their pursuit of containment and control. We are forced to judge “normalcy” by carefully manipulated “standards” that, once conformed to, begin to reinforce themselves. On a mass scale this then becomes a form of voluntary enslavement.

Don’t fall for it. In fact, you won’t be able to much longer anyway. The entire ball of wax is undergoing an unstoppable transformation whether it likes it or not. Empowering and thrilling for some, completely disorienting and even terrifying for others.

Why not just go with it? Let go and enjoy the ride! It’s the solution everyone’s been waiting for, but it requires our willing participation to allow its creative magic to work more efficiently and effectively.

Translating Vibrational Change

Whether this knowledge and experience embolden you to speak out against the control system as well as help co-create these wonderful changes or not is everyone’s free choice. I share what I’m perceiving and try to nudge and inspire as many as I can, as a growing number of others are doing. We can stare at the maniacal matrix and its wicked workings all day, but positive solutions abound and are there for the harvesting. Activating vibrationally to this paradigm shift makes it manifest and accelerates its effect on everyone and everything.

If you’ve ever seen those musical demonstrations where one string or vibration sets off others around it to vibrate at the same frequency you know what I mean. Only here we’re talking about a much deeper, even quantum level of, vibrational transference. It manifests in changed lives, resonating thoughts, awakening mental and spiritual awareness. If plants and animals respond to music, how much more the human spirit to the music of the spheres and fundamental cosmic vibrational change?!

All we have to do is throw the switch!

I’ll leave you with this inspiring and enlightening video about our amazing fractal holographic universe and the role sound and frequency play which highlights this vibrational change we’re undergoing that’s well worth the watch.

Much love, Zen

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