Everything You Know About Thanksgiving Is Wrong [Watch]






by Amanda Froelich

Every year, family and friends gather together to give thanks for each other, good food, and freedom in America. While the gathering has morphed into a beautiful celebration, the roots of the holiday are lesser known – and for good reason.

If people were taught the truth about how Thanksgiving came to be, they’d be less inclined to carve up a turkey – which is all too symbolic of the pillaging and murder European ancestors inflicted upon Native American tribes. 

In the video above, MTV’s Franchesca Ramsey serves up a dish of Thanksgiving reality. Decoded, which deals with issues of race for the digital set, tackles the upcoming holiday in its latest episode.

When Ramsey’s fictional family gather around the dinner table, she tears down American history and relays the reality about Turkey-day myths. From debunking the Native American and settler relations to explaining why the food we eat isn’t actually what the pilgrims consumed (cranberry relish, really?), she nonchalantly relays what might be a bit difficult for some to swallow.

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SOURCE : http://www.trueactivist.com/everything-you-know-about-thanksgiving-is-wrong-watch/





“. . . the gleeful carnage you call Thanksgiving. The ceremony is a sham.” – Jim Naughton, “The Turkey Ritual: Stuff It!” The Washington Post

The Thanksgiving Turkey is also a form of ritual sacrifice. Not only are turkeys slaughtered by the millions to fulfill their “role” as food for their “superiors”; they are ritually slaughtered for Thanksgiving in the manner of antiquity to unify society. Philosopher Brian Luke explains how by designating a common sacrificial victim, Americans ritually constitute themselves as a nation, a role that is also played by war. We are the sacrificers, turkeys are the ones sacrificed, which is why the government tries hard to insure that every citizen, from the indigent to the institutionalized, gets a bite of turkey over the holiday, and why most Americans can’t accept turkeyless Thanksgivings. “It is the community all partaking in the flesh that unites everyone,” he writes.

Moreover, “In traditional societies, it is always men who cut animals’ throats to ritually sacrifice them. The cutting shows the power that men exercise over domesticated animals and that they may also exercise over human groups that are similarly unable to defend themselves. This veiled threat is reproduced in modern industrialized America through the Thanksgiving tradition of the man of the household carving the turkey.”   Read More : http://www.upc-online.org/fall2009/ritual_sacrifice.html


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Pardon me, pilgrim! This Thanksgiving, how about ditching the dead bird? In today’s farming system, beautiful, inquisitive, intelligent turkeys endure lives of suffering and painful deaths. Here are 10 good reasons to carve out a new tradition by flocking to vegan entrées, along with some scrumptious holiday cooking tips and recipes—and thankfully, none of them require stuffing anyone:

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